micROCKScopica - a rock's art project by Bernardo Cesare - galleries

They come from the Alps, India, Antarctica, from Lipari and from Canada, from Madagascar and from Veneto. But the different provenance isn’t very important, as all these rocks share the common feature of hiding a secret world. And this exhibit uncovers their microscopical fascination, through the photographs of thin films of rock that show the beauty, elegance and grace inside ordinary stones.
The images illustrate both the geometry and rigorous order of crystal development, and the chaos and variability that characterize the natural processes of formation and evolution of the Earth. Therefore the pictures may be dominated in turn by regular geometric patterns or by random distributions of faint color patches.
The photomicrographs of rocks are intriguing, not only because of their unusual content and chromatic richness, but also because they bear some mystery, and let the observer’s imagination wander, trying to guess what the subjects are, or what they might resemble.